Thursday, July 28, 2011

thursday's lunchbox

This is what was going on yesterday

while I was packing lunches.

So, today I suggested they get in on the action. I'm not really in the mood for any broken bones this week. My little one was thrilled with the idea that he could not only choose-- but make-- his lunch. Why didn't I think of this sooner?! I laid out an assortment of sandwich fillings...stuff to make cream cheese & jam or a ham sandwich. Or so I thought.

First went the jam. Then plain cream cheese.

Then the little bit of leftover strawberry cream cheese I'd made for the roll-ups on Tuesday. And then ham. Ham?! "Torn into little bitty pieces!" "Wow." I bit my tongue. "It's going to be the best sandwich ever!" he proudly announced. Mmm, I bet. "Now, all it needs is cheese!" he said inspecting his creation. And on went a slice of sharp cheddar. Never mind the quarter inch thick layer of both regular and strawberry cream cheese, which apparently don't count as "cheese"....

"But then I need to cut it into shapes like you do..."

"because a plain old sandwich is boring." "Mmm hmm, I'll say."

Here is his self-made feast as we enter the home stretch of lunch packing:

his cream cheese-jam-strawberry cream cheese-ham sandwich + sweet potato chips + lemonade + strawberries + carrots (hidden under the chips)

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