Monday, September 28, 2009

New Breakfast Idea – Egg Toasts

Scrambled eggs with a side of toast can get kind of ho-hum. I saw this in a magazine (which I’ll have to dig up so I can give it credit) and gave it a whirl last week. It’s become one of the new favorite breakfasts around here. It’s the hidden shape that sealed the deal.

Egg Toast

Piece of bread (1 slice per toast)
Cookie cutter that fits within the size of the bread
Egg (1 egg per toast)
Shredded Cheese (optional)
Ham (optional)
Warm a fry pan, and drop in a pat of butter. Let it melt over medium heat.

On a cutting board, you’re going to start with a piece of bread.

Using a cookie cutter, cut out the center of the piece of bread. (Make sure to leave the whole outer edge in tact, since that’s what is going to frame the egg.) Put the piece of bread into the warm fry pan (that already has melted butter).

Then you crack an egg into the opening. The egg will ooze around and fill the shape you cut out. Cover with a lid so the egg cooks more quickly. (As you'll see above, I started adding some cut up ham and shredded cheese after I got the hang of it. But first, I'd just try it with the eggs...then you can get a little more creative!)

Once the egg is a little past halfway cooked, you’re going to flip the piece of toast. It may splatter. That’s ok! As long as one side is pretty, you’re good to go!!

Let the egg finish cooking, the toast finish toasting. Then remove it from the pan and wow! Look at that. After my kids have ogled the hidden shape, I have been cutting it into quarters for them to eat it more easily.

A quick note on bread: you cannot use that funny, really thin bread for this. It will not work…the egg will run everywhere and you’ll have one disappointed mom and child. Go for a nice hearty thick piece of bread. Our favorite is Eli’s Health Bread (which you can get in 4-piece packs at Aux Delices in Darien). La Brea’s Seeded Wheat or Whole Wheat would probably also work well.
And, as you see above, the buttery, egg-y bread is wonderful dipped into your favorite jam too.

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